It’s in your mind. You’ve envisaged the perfect drapery for your room, but have scoured store after store trying to find a design that fits. At WindowWorks, our custom draperies enable you to add personality and charm to your home with drapery designs you won’t find anywhere else.

As home to Western Canada’s largest custom drapery workroom and with literally scores of fabrics and textures at hand, WindowWorks is able to replicate any window treatments you desire. Add a new dimension of style to your home with a rich variety of fabrics, form, texture and pattern. Beyond beauty, our elegant custom draperies also provide you with ultimate privacy and UV protection.

Our custom offerings include draperies, valances, roman shades, and drapery hardware. We achieve the highest quality custom draperies by combining the finest fabric and materials with our time-honored traditions in design.

Window Works Known For Our Quality, Service & Reliability

Available in Roll, Box Pleat, Euro Pleat or Pinch Pleat styles; hand-tailored drapery panels help establish the character of a room. Available exclusively in Woven-to-Size Collections, panels are railroaded with a looped edge at top and bottom.

View the many styles of drapery that are available to Window Works customers from Hartmann Forbes.

JF Fabrics has a variety of collections to meet with whatever specific needs you may have. The JF Performance collection offer enhanced materials that are resistant to most stains, making spot cleaning quick and easy. They also include fabrics with high UV resistance for protected drapery. JF Studio showcases complex, intricate and unique constructions and specialty yarns create extraordinary designs with sumptuous color palettes. JF Studio is exclusive and can only be experienced in showrooms across North America or by ordering a sample through our website. For go-to everyday design, JF Everyday fabrics includes modern classic aesthetics in a broad spectrum of colors. These fabrics provide the same strength and colorfast quality of our other lines – without breaking the budget.

Here are a few samples of some of the colours available from the 2019 Davenport collection.

A snapshot of a few patterns and colours available from the Lindsey 2019 collection.

Winning Windows Dynasty 2018 collection also showcases elegant patterns and hues for your drapery.

Give us a call at 604 231-1433 or visit our showroom for more information regarding the custom window drapery we can provide at Window Works.